Monday, August 8, 2011

Blog = Ramble about my life... great!

To my now 6 followers.... I am sorry this is probably the worlds worst blog to follow because nothing happens on it! By the way, it seems a little sac-religious to call you all "followers."  Just throwing that out there.  I may feel that way because I've been watching all the Harry Potters and the word "followers" reminds me of Voldemort... So maybe I'll just call you all my blog friends!
Speaking of Harry Potter, I am going to tell you about my interest in Harry Potter.  I started reading the books when they came out - when I was in 4th grade maybe?  I read the first 4 and then the 5th took too long to come out so I forgot what happened in the first 4 by the time it did and I am NOT a re-reader.  So then I had a plan to watch the first 4 movies then read the last 3 books then watch those movies. Well.... that never happened.  I tried to watch the first movie like 4 times, finally watched it and then never moved on to the next movies.  This summer however, I am proud to announce that I have regained my interest in Harry Potter, watched all 7 movies and went to see part 2 of the 7th movie in the theater! WAHOO!!! I'm all caught up! And all I have to say is, I'm glad I didn't read the 7th book because I think I would have been so confused when Harry Potter comes back to life... that was just weird.  But great movies!
Okay now that I officially just look like a huge Harry Potter nerd.... let me tell you about this crazy life of mine...
I am offically more than 1/3 of a physical therapist! I have decided outpatient spinal cord patients are not the people I want to work with all of the time - I decided this after my 10 week internship at Neuroworx (an outpatient neuro clinic).  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the patients and think it is all very interesting, but I just get so attached to the patients and the emotional aspect of the job is pretty rough for me.  I think also if the progress were quicker I could possibly handle it more, so maybe inpatient is more my thing... I don't know.  Good thing I'm only 1/3 of a PT, because I really need to figure out what kind of PT I want to be! I did love my internship though! It was a great experience, I learned a lot and I will forever remember the patients I worked with.  They taught me a lot and I truly am inspired by their outlooks on life.  As far as school goes though, it's pretty good! I am learning a lot and really enjoying it! I am trying to set up my internship for next summer back east somewhere... but I may end up in Ogden Utah. hahaha! We'll see!
This summer I also took on a new hobby! hahah Well... I don't think it is actually a hobby, more of a chore - I learned to paint and my roommates and I have painted almost our entire house! haha It is a really good workout! Every time I painted I would end up having sore shoulders the next day! It was a long process and a lot of work, but dang our house looks so much better!  Now if I could just master cooking - it is one of my new years resolutions for 2011... I better get on that!
I just got back from visiting the historical triangle in Virginia with Ryan.  The historical triangle is Yorktown, Jamestown and Williamsburg.  It was great!  I have a secret love for history - like a lot of people I have found.... and I really enjoyed walking around in all the colonial cities.  Colonial Williamsburg was mine and Ryan's favorite! We went to this place called Chownings Tavern for dinner - SO MUCH FUN!  I had the best ribs I have ever had in my entire life and the entertainment was a blast! They had a few musicians playing bag pipes (which I absolutely LOVE) and drums and singing funny songs, a magician who was actually quite hillarious and talented, and then we also got to participate in playing colonial games!  Ryan and I played this dice game - not real sure what it was called, but I did win - both times! The whole experience was just fanatastic! Our waitress acted like she was from back in colonial times, dressed like it and spoke like it, we ate in an old building with only candles for lights and like I said, the food and entertainment was excellent! I bought the Colonial Williamsburg cookbook at the gift shop and am going to attempt to become an excellent chef before 2012 so I complete that part of my new years resolution.  Doing a pull up is the other part... geeze! You would like I could do a pull up by now - I seriously lift wieghts every single week! It's ridiculous that I can't do it.
Well.... I don't really know what else to blog about, so I think I'll just stop! Thanks for listening/reading!
Love, Bre 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog...

So... my blog life has been a little well, slow! Sorry to the 5 followers I have! hahaha Thank you for being my fans! hahaha Blogging is kind of funny I think. Maybe I just don't completely understand the purpose. I think for my blog I will just tell you fun/funny/cool/interesting things that happen to me or that I think about. Sound good? If not, I think there is a way to unfollow me on blog... haha!
Today I will tell you about my tandam bike riding I did this month.  Ryan's parents have this really old tandam bike and I secretly LOVE tandam bikes! Well he took me on it last summer and I LOVED it, so we went again twice while he was here this month. The front seat doesn't adjust it's height for some reason and it's way too high for me, so Ryan has to be in front the whole time. Well I really don't like being out of control - like on 4 wheelers, if I'm sharing, I want to be driving. I think my fear of riding on the back comes from being thrown off wave runners in my past. ANYWAY... so Ryan was on the front and I was on the back... my trust in him was built to say the least. However, the first day of riding Ryan kept saying "we're going to pop a wheely!!!" as we were hitting speed bumps at a trillion miles an hour, then he would start swerving back and forth.... ya know, when you are sitting in the back and feel totally out of control, it's scary!!! Oh and we didn't have helmets on - I work in a neuro rehab setting for my internship... I DO NOT want a brain injury! So... that day I just kept telling him to slow down and stop swerving and trying to catch air... ok ok ok I was kinda ornery (however you spell that word). But we rode to this darling cafe called Normandie, ate lunch then rode back... it was fun! BUT it was more fun the next time, because well it was sunny weather, and Ryan was nice and didn't try to pop wheelies! haha We went on "the roller coaster" which is this big turning dip by his house and it was SO MUCH FUN! We went so fast down the hill then had to pedal hard to make it up the next, but it was great! One time I lost the pedals though because he started pedalling too fast. So, he just did all the work! hahaha! That day we rode to Divas and had a cupcake! It was great! I love the tandam bike! I feel like I'm in a movie when I'm on them, its super fun! Not to mention it can be a pretty good work out! I think this summer we are going to take it on a trail ride up by Park City, and I'm pretty excited!!!
So the moral of this lovely experience of mine is that tandam bikes are fun and a great way to build trust between two people. Sooooo everyone find a tandam bike and go for a ride with that special someone! haha
Is this what the purpose of a blog is? To ramble on about things I've done? If not, please tell me what I'm supposed to be talking about. hahahaha!
Love, Bre

Friday, March 4, 2011

This is my blog!!!

hi everyone!!! I have come to the conclusion that I need to be a blogger... at least for this part of my life! I don't really know how to use it... but I'm sure I can figure it out!  If I can't though, I have like 80 bagillion friends who blog (hense the reason I decided to start my own blog - so I can see their obsession! hahaha) and I'll just ask them how to do it!
So.... ummmm friends who do this!???? WHAT DO I DO!?!?!?! How do I even tell you I have a blog? My friends from high school had a blog that we all posted on for a while - shoot, maybe they all still use it, I don't know!? But I probably only posted on it like ONCE... and I don't remember how I did that, it was 4 years ago!
Maybe this will be my start at becoming more computer savvy! Well... wish me luck, and if this is the only post that ever gets posted, just know I tried!
Do I write this like a letter and sign it? Well I think I will!
Love, Bre